OMAHA, NE Summer 2017
University of Nebraska at Omaha

2017 Faculty: Randy Sabien, April Verch, Matt Turner, CD Sleeve& Julie Lyonn Lieberman  … 

Sunday, July 23rd 6 p.m. Participant Orientation
Sunday, July 23rd 7 – 8:30 p.m. D’Addario-sponsored String Soirée open to all area string players, teachers, and luthiers with refreshments and live music
Classes start Monday morning, July 24th, and run through Thursday the 27th 

Where 21st century technique meets tradition, creativity and style: All ages, all levels

Artwork by Christos Karapanos

Artwork by Christos Karapanos

Strings Without Boundaries creates a sharing environment for amateur through professional players as well as students and teachers of all ages and backgrounds. 
We focus on string technique and repertoire from American and world traditions, creative musicianship in all styles, and technology-enhanced approaches. In addition, we offer teacher-training and optional clock-hour and Graduate credit. 

2016 will be our 14th season! Here’s what past participants have said: