NEW in 2018: Classes will be held in the Milo Bail Student Center. Lunch can be purchased in that same building on Thursday and Friday. You can order delivery or run out to a local restaurant on the weekend (see suggestions below).



You can park in the West Garage which is #28 on the map below (circled in pink lower left). The Milo Bail Student Center is highlighted in pink at the top of the map. If you have a heavy instrument or trouble walking (it’s a 5-minute walk), you can be dropped off on the North side (University Drive North runs parallel to Dodge Street) of the Student Center or, if traveling alone, can arrange to drop off your instrument before you park. (CONTACT)

Parking is available on the weekends wherever you see a spot on the street if you wish to park closer on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Before you park in the West Garage, familiarize yourself with the steps to follow in the Kiosk (see Step 6 on diagram below). When it reads “enter coupon number,” you will enter 06SWB18


Here are two suggested food delivery sources, or you can drive/use Uber or Lyft to eat there in person:

Jason’s Deli (will deliver for orders over $25) Can order online or pick up:

Omaha, NE: Dodge Omaha Deli

7010 Dodge St
Omaha, Nebraska 68132

Panera Bread (8 minutes away)
7825 Dodge Street
6 a.m. – 9 p.m.