August 28

21st Century New Music Skills


Bridging Acoustic and Electric Violin Techniques: Some say contemporary Classical Music has drifted away from both traditional Classical music and the popular genres of music that we enjoy today. So where does it belong? And what are composers wanting to say through their music? I’ve been fascinated to know, so, for the last 15 years I’ve tried to answer that question by commissioning emerging composers to write solo repertoire for the violin by utilizing not only the traditional violin but the groundbreaking semi-acoustic and electric instruments of Spur Violins. Only then can composers express a new kind of aesthetic or sonic nuance without being confined to either an instrument with a Baroque design and other limitations OR a fully electric and “modern” instrument, which may not suit their style.

Composers who choose the electric violin use it as a doorway through to the new worlds of rock/indie/pop/electronics/effects/pedals. They choose acoustic violin if they are writing in older compositional styles such as those of Hindemith, Bartok, Britten, Copland, Bernstein, Korngold. BUT the most fascinating music has been created for the Spur semi-acoustic violin. In my session I will be discussing each of the 10 pieces from my recent online performance VOLUME 11 @ Melbourne Digital Concert Hall. Ten of my most varied and beloved pieces from the last 15 years of commissioning new music using acoustic, semi-acoustic and electric violins. The variety the composers provide is astounding.

You will experience strict serialist composition, Hebrew-style melodies, a piece exploring boredom and frustration, scordatura strings, poetry as inspiration, backing tracks and pedals and effects and so much more. I can show you piece by piece how I get the most out of these amazing works.This is Classical Music with a twist! I hope you enjoy this friendly but unconventional exploration of new music creation. -Sarah Curro



Sarah Curro

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