Strings Without Boundaries at UNO can be taken for Graduate Credit! You are free to choose whichever classes fit your teaching needs each hour across each day. 


Title: Special Studies in Music
Instructor will be listed as Washington Garcia


See Pricing Below

How to Enroll:

To apply for graduate credit you will need to apply as a graduate student to UNO. 

You can apply online at

There are two ways to apply. The cost is the same regardless of which option you choose.:  

1) As a degree seeking student (with the intent to complete the Master’s degree at UNO); or
2) A non-degree student (just taking the course for UNO graduate credit). 

On the application page it says students need to submit exams, but this is not the case for non-degree seeking graduate students, however, you would need to submit the application and the $45 application fee. 

Once you apply to the university through the steps below, you will still need to register for the course through MavLink – our online course registration system: you will be given an NUID at some point during the application process so you will be able to register through MavLink (scroll down to 4th heading).:

The registration system of the University of Nebraska at Omaha requires anyone taking courses for graduate credit to apply to the university as a graduate student.    Graduate students are either degree seeking (intending to pursue a Master’s program at UNO) or non-degree seeking (take the course to receive a credit not associated with a UNO Master’s degree).

Non-degree applications are processed by the Office of Graduate Studies and require no additional review from the School of Music for acceptance. Students still need to submit an application  but no test scores or transcripts are required.  Students who are degree seeking will need to provide additional materials (transcripts, resume, letters of recommendation) and are reviewed by the School of Music Graduate program committee prior to admittance.


Non-resident total: $1,089.10 total

1 credit = 753
Fees = 291.10
Application fee = 45  

Resident total: $605.60
1 credit = 269.50

Fees = 291.10
Application fee = 45

PRICING for 2 Credits (in addition to Strings Without Boundaries tuition)

Non-resident total = $1,842.10
2 credits = 1,506 (753 per credit)
Fees = 291.10
Application fee = 45

Resident total = $875
2 credits = 539 (269.50 per credit)

Fees = 291.10
Application fee = 45