NE-ASTA Members

Welcome to Strings Without Boundaries! Your willingness to explore American and world styles as well as contemporary approaches to string techniques and musicianship will hold great meaning for your students. 

I had the opportunity to spend three hours in a private by-invitation-only twelve-member think tank with thought leaders in the field of string education at the 2018 American String Teachers Conference in Atlanta. Despite the wide array of interests, backgrounds and activities our circle represented—including a handful of past, current and future leaders for the organization —we all agreed that string education MUST tap into the world our students live in as well as traditions from their culture(s) and the Western canon.

It is our firm belief that inclusive string education will help save string education from a loss of interest and support in the coming years.


Please note that NE-ASTA will reimburse a $50 portion of your registration fee. You can use our normal registration process and then submit our email notification to the organization to receive reimbursement. This is based on first-come, first-serve.