Pro Audio Recommendations

Strings Without Boundaries highly recommends Electric Violin Shop for any purchases you wish to make when it comes to amplification and electric instruments. They are the only company in the world that is dedicated to providing string players with every possible option and sound advice.

For other gear, see an abbreviated group of recommendations:

Band in a Box

Buy this software program and you will use it every day to generate accompaniments for practice. It’s near impossible to practice styles without the stylistic groove and chords changes appropriate to your warm-ups and tunes. This program is user friendly and offers thousands of styles with one-click access, including real instruments, not just midi.

Finale or Sibelius Notation Program
These programs provide you with a number of different methods for notation, depending on what feels easiest for you, and you can hear what you have composed instantly by hitting “play.” They have improved this software enormously over the last few years so that the instrument sounds are more accurate. There are too many features for me to describe, but take my word for it: anything you can dream of in the world of notation is possible with this program.

If you want to learn a solo off of a CD, then you will either need software in your computer that can slow the track down like Twisted Wave, or a CD player that can slow the tracks down without changing the pitch.

Electronic Effects and Equipment for Rock Strings

Some of the tools you will find useful include a drum machine, an amp, an effects box (either Zoom, Boss or Digitech), the LR Baggs pickup if you don’t have a solid-body instrument, the LR Baggs preamp that gives you tone and volume control, and a looping device (which can be found in some effects boxes or purchased as a stand-alone).