What do I need to do once I’ve registered?

  1. You must download a free version of Zoom in advance of taking your classes. You should plan to click on the link at least 5 minutes before your scheduled class on your tablet, smart phone or computer to enter the Zoom meeting. If you arrive late, we can’t promise the instructor will let you in if he or she is busy leading call and response or demonstrating, and you won’t be refunded, so please arrive early and make sure you have handouts for that class ready.
  2. See more detailed instructions on the submenus. IMPORTANT: Close all programs running on WIFI in advance, reboot your modem if you lose your connection and click on the session link again to be readmitted to class. YOU’LL LAND IN A WAITING ROOM and will be readmitted as soon as possible.

How should I set up the space around me before class?

Make sure that light is in front of you, not behind. Draw any curtains that might be behind you. If your household has a lot of activity in it, you might want to consider noise-cancelling headphones so that you only hear the class(es) you’ve registered for. Make sure your instrument is tuned and placed close-by.

Is there anything I need to know about how the class will be run?

Each instructor will communicate his or her own format, but he or she will most likely keep your sound muted except when coaching a volunteer or opening the session up to questions. This will work to your advantage because you won’t have to worry about other participants hearing you experiment with the ideas and tunes as they’re taught.

What about handouts?

You can access your Zoom links and handouts through your account. (Not all faculty will provide handouts in advance. Some will provide during your session with him/her.)

What about age and level?

The Strings Without Boundaries STRING SUMMIT format welcomes players of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner or professional player, we assume you will opt for sessions that focus on styles and skills you haven’t been exposed to before, so everyone in the session will be in the same or a similar status. If you need to ask a question, you can open the chat window on the right side of your screen and type in your question(s) as the session proceeds.