Join us for an amazing program for violin/fiddle, viola, and cello…
All levels, all backgrounds!

June 27th to June 30th, 2024: choose 1-, 2-day, or full registration for our program for our Adult Program
June 28th & 29th: choose 1 or 2-day registration for our Youth Program
Where 21st century techniques meet tradition, creativity, and style.

ADULTS: Register for Strings Without Boundaries & take advantage of our partner,
the New Directions Cello Festival for FREE… same dates, same location!

Join us for a FREE concert Wednesday, June 26th in the Williston Northampton School's Theatre at 7pm featuring Italian violinist Luca Ciarla, 
or Thursday, June 27th Open Mic in the Reed Campus Center at 7pm

Meet Our Faculty…

Julie Lyonn Lieberman, Tracy Silverman, Jeremy Harman, Jason Anick, Luca Ciarla, Melissa Brun,  
Alissa Jackman, Pattie Hopkins Kinlaw, and Annika Amstutz

We choose faculty for their skills as performers AND educators.

— Choose between sleeping at home, in a hotel, or in Williston's modern dorm rooms with air conditioning for a very low price.

             — Choose between one-, two-day, or full registration.

                       — Experience our community environment and make new musical friends.

Repertoire & New Techniques

Learn tunes in a number of styles:

Irish, Appalachian, bluegrass, Cajun, blues, rock/pop, swing, jazz, Klezmer, Norwegian, Gypsy Jazz, and SO much more…

Each style will call for specific approaches to bowing and left-hand use. And, our amazing faculty will teach you how to rhythm-ize your bow in a number of ways.

Creative Musicianship

Creativity isn't just about soloing, though we will teach you many skills related to soloing as appropriate to each style. Creativity can be applied to how you practice, how you create variations on a melodic line, and how you can apply or invent techniques for certain styles. And even how you build your life in music. We include amplification and special effects in this category.


Julie Lyonn Lieberman will present some mind and body sessions in relationship to music-making, such as:

• The Chemistry of Nervousness

• Creative Practice Techniques

• Kaleidoscopic Thinking

• The Musical Brain

• Playing Healthy

and more…

Put Fire in your Bow…

play the world!

Testimonials from Previous Registrants:

I've been going to workshops, clinics and camps for 30 years and I’ve never, ever, EVER gone to anything like this! – JFR,  Clinician and School Orchestra Director

I'm so glad that I came to SWB last week! All of the artists/teachers present were fantastic — very warm and concerned for growth and achievement. I can't wait to utilize all of my new resources! Thanks again! — C.C.

I am still tingling at how much I was able to grasp by just using my ears! Then, having the music to look at afterwards was great b/c I can continue to work on these "tunes". This single activity in your camp has inspired me to do more of this kind of teaching with my own students.  — CB , Elementary School Music teacher

“It has been a tremendous week-long learning opportunity that has artistically stretched me out of my comfort zone and breathed new air into my tiredness. I am both deeply humbled and inspired!”  — A.R.

It was great! I loved getting to play different styles of music and trying out new techniques and ideas. I also met a lot of new people and got to know some friends. I got over my fear of improvising and it was great to know that it didn’t matter if you made a mistake or hit a wrong note.  — CS, age 15


"Strings without Boundaries will influence my teaching and playing forever… The faculty were not only skilled performers and teachers, but also kind and supportive to players of all levels and experience… I have attended Strings Without Boundaries a few times now, yet each year has brought fresh knowledge and inspiration that I take back home to practice, polish up, and apply to my musical pursuits. The instructors are so highly qualified. It's an unforgettable experience… At Strings Without Boundaries, you open a door and walk into magic."

“The only problem you’ll have is trying to figure out which of the many classes to go to each hour… It was great! A generous, world-renowned staff led classes that covered a wide variety of techniques and styles—all made accessible, comfortable, and FUN… It is such a rich environment for learning all things in music—so much more than just strings… Amazing learning community: welcoming and creative… I really enjoyed it. I loved how we got to pick our classes… A lot of the techniques I learned either built off of or were completely different from the classical training/teaching I get at home…  I was nervous at first, but it was so amazing and exciting that I can’t wait to come next year… Small community environment to experiment and grow. Teachers are highly skilled and are excellent instructors.”

Strings Without Boundaries has rotated through locations  that include Pittsburgh PA, Seattle as well as Central Washington, Appleton Wisconsin, and Omaha, Nebraska every year since 2003.


This year’s sponsors include…

D’Addario Orchestral

NS Design

Stamell Stringed Instruments

Previous Sponsors include…

  • —the Mass cultural Council, a state agency

—Vi Wickam and [my] Talent Forge


—Electric Violin Shop

—Stamell Stringed Instruments

—Violins of Omaha

—Sarah Gray Restoration

—Glasser Bows

Savannah Arts Academy

—J.W. Pepper

—Hammond Ashley

—STRINGS Magazine

—Bartlett Audio


—Heid Music

—Rockin’ Rosin


—Alfred Music


—Foundation for the Advancement of String Education

If you still have questions after going to the Q&A page, feel free to email us!

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